Which candidate is America searching for?

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2016 Iowa Caucus Results

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Iowa has spoken and given a solid GOP victory to Ted Cruz, while leaving the democratic party candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a near tie, with no official winner yet. The AP is not calling the race for the Democrats because there is uncertainty about the final results.  A message to their editors states that they are … [Read more...]

VIEW: Copies of Newly Released Benghazi Emails

The White House released over 100 pages of emails this afternoon regarding Benghazi. President Obama will be making a statement shortly. 6:15 p.m. -- President Obama's statement was brief and did not involve Benghazi. He announced the resignation of acting Commissioner of the IRS, Steve Miller. Obama told reporters that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, "took the first step by … [Read more...]

America Should Have Listened to the Democrats

Earlier today, on NBC's Today show, Joe Biden was asked if Mitt Romney is qualified to be President. His answer was "No, he's not." That immediately reminded me of Biden's 2007 statement on whether or not Barack Obama was ready to be President. Biden said, "The Presidency is not something that leads itself to on the job training."  Bill Clinton also expressed concern that … [Read more...]