Watch Live: President Obama’s State Of The Union Address

President Obama will deliver his final State of the the Union Address from Capitol Hill at 9PM ET. Watch LIVE: … [Read more...]

A bad dream? Or did this really happen?

Sadly, it is not a bad dream. It's our reality. Meet President Selfie, courtesy of Buzzfeed. Post by BuzzFeed Video.   There is not much left in terms of Presidential dignity. At this point, we should just be grateful that he didn't choose to star in this NSFW Buzzfeed video. … [Read more...]

State of the Union: Same Story, Same Result

In honor of the President's upcoming State of the Union address, here's a gift from the House Republican Conference. … [Read more...]

Red Line? Perhaps he shouldn’t have said that.

This about sums it up! … [Read more...]

VIEW: Copies of Newly Released Benghazi Emails

The White House released over 100 pages of emails this afternoon regarding Benghazi. President Obama will be making a statement shortly. 6:15 p.m. -- President Obama's statement was brief and did not involve Benghazi. He announced the resignation of acting Commissioner of the IRS, Steve Miller. Obama told reporters that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, "took the first step by … [Read more...]

Cruz for the Twitter Win!

This is the best thing I've seen on Twitter in quite a while. Ted Cruz for the win!   … [Read more...]

‘I Am Constrained By A System That Our Founders Put In Place’

In case you had any doubt about what President Barack Obama thinks about the Constitution, he made it clear again yesterday in Denver, Colorado. As Obama expressed his frustration at the challenges he's facing trying to get gun legislation he passed, he stated, "I am constrained by a system that our founders put in place." True. However, the word "constrained" is a … [Read more...]

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Attack; Obama Attends $32,500 a Plate Dinner

While Barack Obama was headed to Colorado to rally support for universal background checks, North Korea made its boldest move yet against the United States. In a statement from the General Bureau of the Korean People's Army, an unnamed spokesperson put the United States on notice. From AFP: “We formally inform the White House and Pentagon that the ever-escalating U.S. hostile … [Read more...]

‘Saturday Night Live’ Mocks Obama’s Sequester Scare Tactics

President Barack Obama spent the majority of his week travelling the country, attempting to instill fear in Americans over the impending sequester budget cuts.  The apocalyptic talking points ultimately did not work, and the sequester went into effect on March 1, 2013. Saturday Night Live devoted its opening segment to the sequester, showcasing the ridiculous nature of … [Read more...]

Basic Math? Obama is a Little Rusty

Dear Mr. President, Please explain why you have promised time and time again that your programs "won't add a dime" to our deficit. Basic math tells us you've added 58.6 TRILLION dimes.  Fuzzy math? Sincerely, The American People [youtube][/youtube] … [Read more...]