Breitbart Portrait: His Words Live On

Check out this fantastic portrait created for the Breitbart offices.  Andrew's words are now there to remind them that they will carry on the fight.  Amazing. … [Read more...]

War! BlogCon Kicks Off in Charlotte

The best and brightest of the conservative blogosphere and new media are meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina to network, learn and join forces.  Here is how we started our day: [youtube][/youtube]   Yes. It is war.     … [Read more...]

Andrew Breitbart’s Last Big Speech at CPAC

Today we all could use a little Breitbart.  Here is the speech he gave at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), that ultimately called for unity in defeating Barack Obama in 2012.  Enjoy this memory. [youtube_sc url=""] … [Read more...]

Andrew Breitbart Dies at Age 43

There are no words today. Nothing seems important, there is no other news worth tweeting. Today we lost a great friend and patriot, a conservative fighting for the very core of what we believe, a man who showed no fear in a world of hate. Andrew Breitbart passed away outside his home in Los Angeles, while taking a walk shortly after midnight.  Someone saw him collapse and … [Read more...]

Andrew Breitbart Unscripted!

Conservative bloggers and activists were entertained by Andrew Breitbart at the RightOnline 2011 Grassroots Award Dinner on June 18.  He was full of great quips, laughter, jabs at the media and at himself.  He also addresses the "not so kind" greeting he received when he stopped by the NetRoots Nation conference.  Do yourself a favor - click play. [youtube … [Read more...]

Weinergate – You truly CAN’T make this stuff up!

You’d have to be living under a rock today to have not heard about the confession of Rep. Weiner regarding his lewd behavior on the internet.  I’d love to say he confessed out of a good sense of right from wrong, but let’s face it.  Andrew Breitbart painted him into a corner and he had nowhere to go but to come clean. As we waited for Rep. Anthony Weiner to take the podium, … [Read more...]