Donald Trump cancels appearance at CPAC 2016

Well, the room is buzzing. Thew showdown many came to see won’t be happening at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC.)

There is definitely are very large #NeverTrump movement at this year’s event, and rumors were swirling that they would turn their backs and walk out on his speech that was scheduled for Saturday morning. If true, that would be very bad optics for the Trump campaign.

Trump’s official statement:

Note to team Trump: Use spell check before hitting send next time.

Update: The American Conservative Union just issued a press release. It contains a nugget in the last sentence that leaves us all wondering what the real reason is for Trump’s cancellation.

Since we invited him several months ago — and Mr. Trump accepted our invitation and terms — we made it clear all candidates would follow the same format. And now he is backing out.

What exactly do they mean? What format did Donald Trump want?

ACU Statement on Trump Dropping Out


You can watch CPAC LIVE here.