Keeping the NSA programs secret? ODNI Admits “They Tried.”

odniA Washington Post article today outlined the doubts that lawmakers are expressing regarding the NSA’s surveillance of American citizens.

More shocking than the extensive information gathering on innocent Americans is this revealing information from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

From the Washington Post:

“Do you think a program of this magnitude gathering information involving a large number of people involved with telephone companies could be indefinitely kept secret from the American people?” Goodlatte asked.

“Well,” ODNI general counsel Robert S. Litt said with a slight smile, “we tried.”

We tried? His only regret is that they TRIED to keep the extensive, rights violating data gathering a secret, but failed?

Government is so big they don’t even know right from wrong anymore, and the Constitution? Well, its become near irrelevant to those in power. That should concern you.