Kazakhstan Releases Official Statement on Two Arrested On Student Visa Violations

FBI and Homeland Security returned on Monday to the same New Bedford, Massachussetts apartment visited by various agencies over the past few days.

Let’s go back a few days. On Friday, Two men and one woman were arrested during the search for the Boston bombing suspects. They were later released.

On Saturday, the same two men were then arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for student visa violations. Two women were taken away unrestrained by a consular van.

From Southcoast Today:

A neighbor who declined to identify herself said the same two men were among the three people taken into custody by the FBI Friday afternoon.

An FBI spokeswoman could not provide any information on the two men, both of whom were led away in handcuffs around 3:50 p.m. Saturday, or anything related to the apartment, citing the “ongoing” nature of the investigation.

The neighbor would not provide further details when pressed by reporters.

Meanwhile, UMass Dartmouth remained closed Saturday as the search for evidence continued. Officials said the school would reopen Sunday.

Earlier Saturday afternoon, a silver mini-van with consulate license plates arrived at the Carriage Drive apartment along with the FBI and Homeland Security, and stayed a half an hour longer than the agents.
The van left with two women, neither of whom appeared to be restrained. One was carrying a pink backpack as she exited the apartment and ran into the van, which sped away as the women told reporters they did not wish to comment.

Efforts by The Standard-Times to identify the van’s consulate did not provide any answers, and the FBI spokeswoman had no information about it. A U.S. Department of State spokeswoman said her agency was “not privy” to the investigation and referred The Standard-Times back to the FBI.

Today we have confirmation from the Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs that two students were detained :

After the main suspects in the Boston terrorist attack were identified, the U.S. law enforcement bodies began checking their possible links and contacts. In particular, the law enforcement agencies interviewed students that studied together with the suspects and could in some way be in contact with them.

During the investigation, it was revealed that two students from Kazakhstan had violated the U.S. visa regime in the course of their studies. They were consequently arrested until the full clarification of the circumstances is achieved. Our consul is currently in Boston to work with the U.S. authorities and liaise with the detained students and their families. There are no complaints from our citizens about their physical condition and the treatment by the U.S. law enforcement bodies.

The two men have been identified by neighbors as ‘Amzat’ and ‘Diaz.’



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