Was Senator Amy Klobuchar Covering for Tom Petters?


Did Senator Amy Klobuchar help Tom Petters, a now convicted felon, stay out of prison while serving as the Hennepin County Attorney?  In a bombshell article released by The Daily Caller on Friday, they reveal and provide documents that show Sen. Amy Klobuchar had knowledge of Tom Petters’ illegal activities long before Petters was prosecuted and convicted for his $3.65 billion Ponzi scheme and received a 50 year federal sentence for his crimes.

From The Daily Caller:

Documents obtained by The Daily Caller show that Sen. Klobuchar had enough evidence in 1999 to prosecute Petters years before the federal government unraveled his scheme, but chose not to. At the time, she was the chief prosecutor in the county where Petters lived.

The documents also show that Klobuchar exceeded the bounds of her jurisdiction as County Attorney to intervene in federal bankruptcy and other legal proceedings whose results helped Petters erase the earliest indications of his criminal activity.

Not only did Klobuchar have knowledge of the illegal activity, but in 1999 she prosecuted Petters co-conspirators, which paved the way for Petters to continue taking billions of dollars from Minnesotans for many more years.  Petters was not convicted until after Klobuchar left her position at the Hennepin County Attorney’s office to serve in the U.S. Senate.

From The Daily Caller

“…despite significant evidence against him, she cleared the way for Petters to build his multibillion-dollar illegal empire by prosecuting only his early co-conspirators.

One of those co-conspirators, Richard Hettler, told The Daily Caller that Klobuchar was aware of what Petters was doing, yet willingly accepted campaign donations from Petters’ company and its employees.

“She took Ponzi money to get elected,” he insisted.

Years later, after Klobuchar won a seat in the U.S. Senate and left Minnesota, a federal prosecutor would win convictions against Petters for 10 counts of wire fraud, three counts of mail fraud, five counts of money laundering, and one count each of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

Could her actions be connected to campaign donations she received? Richard Hettler thinks so.

In an interview with TheDC, Hettler accused Klobuchar of prosecuting him and Kahn, but not Petters, for political reasons.

Noting that Klobuchar passed on indicting Petters in 1999, Hettler said, “She would have, had she not been paid off. I mean, Petters paid her off, basically. He gave money to Klobuchar to do his bidding.”

When TheDC asked Hettler if Klobuchar ignored documents, like the promissory notes and the interest reassignment to Kahn, that were a sufficient basis to prosecute Petters in 1999, he said, “Yes. That’s true.”

“If something like this were to get out,” Hettler added, “her chances of continuing on the Senate Judiciary Committee would be very limited.”

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Note: Senator Klobuchar was contacted by The Daily Caller and given multiple opportunities to comment, but has not responded.

Klobuchar Petters Documents from the Daily Caller