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      why are the jersey guys a digacsre? what makes them racist? please, someone tell me. do you people seriously think illegal immigration is not a problem? wake up. its about time someone with influence spoke the politically incorrect truth. in society today, we people as a whole are conditioned by the media, fed stories the way the media wants to tell it. we have, over time and through these exploits, have lost our right to free speech, and also lost our rational objectivity. we essentially seem to have forgotten how to think for ourselves. and all of you “bloggers” are hapless victims of the spin devised by these reports. first off, take the term “illegal immigrant” and break it up. the word “illegal” doesn’t resonate with us as it should. we hear “immigrant”. and when someone is talking about an immigrant, we are trained like dogs to react with compassion, with thoughts of “everyone deserves the same rights” flooding our impressionable brains. the fact is, yes, on a humanitarian level, they do deserve the same rights. but on a national level, OUR national level, that includes paying taxes and having proper documentation as to who they are, where they came from, and their medical histories. being here illegally poses an obvious security threat, especially in this age of war. i know virtually all of you people reading this are against the war, as am i, but there is no denying the potential dangers we Americans face today. allowing illegals to remain here or come here unimpeded is virtual suicide. illegal immigrants put a huge tax burden on the legal taxpayers, especially the struggling middle class. we’re talking to the tune of $29 billion. that’s with a “B”. that is a significant figure, enough to pull even New Jersey out of debt. people sneaking into our country lack the proper vaccinations and could inadvertently carry diseases. even if they did go to a doctor, they have no medical histories. and these children are in school with your children. illegal immigrants are the only ones who benefit from staying undocumented. they are abusing a flawed government policy and legal Americans are getting screwed because of it. so i ask you people, i gotta know, what is wrong with a radio show host addressing illegal immigration as a blatant problem? are you people so worried about being politically correct that you are blind to these illegals being a problem? whats so hard about becoming a citizen? millions of admirable immigrants have done it, and now they are Americans. and the illegals are screwing them now can anyone answer my questions? i bet not.

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