Middle East Crisis? Obama Has More Important Things To Do

Middle East Crisis? Obama Has More Important Things To Do.

Friday was a terrible day for America. By the end of the day, anti-American actions were taking place in 21 countries, and more American lives were lost to radical Islamists. The entire week left us wondering how much worse it could possibly get.

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Many people spent Friday trying to understand what President Obama was doing to stop the increasing violence against Americans in the Middle East. Democrats tried to convince people that he was working hard on the crisis behind the scenes.

Apparently, President Obama did have some very important plans on Friday, and these plans were not derailed by the attacks against our embassies and consulates in the Middle East.  While buildings burned and people died, Barack Obama was getting interviewed by a Hispanic entertainment magazine and having his picture taken.

Waiting for the president @barackobama and @michelleobama for the @peopleenespanol inter @ The White House http://instagr.am/p/PkQA3dm0Bj/Armando Lucas Correa
On Friday, the President and First Lady were interviewed and photographed by People en Español magazine. Yes. You read that right. It wasn’t on the official schedule, but Twitter reveals how the President’s day unfolded. The photo above shows two of the Editors from People en Español, waiting for the President. The following is a photo of Omar Cruz, a photographer from Miami, setting up for Barack and Michelle Obama’s photo shoot.  According to magazine Editor Armando Correa, People en Español is the first Hispanic magazine to ever interview a President in the White House.

Nuestro fotografo @omarcruz listo para @barackobama y @michelleobama para @peopleenespanolpeopleenespanol
Sin palabras… So proud of you @omarcruz – OC shot @BarackObama & @MichelleObama today @whitehouse #Photography #USA #FotografiaLaura Mejia Cruz
@BarackObama Gracias Mr President, it has been an honor working with U today. It was a dream 2 have you in front of my lens, now is reality!Omar Cruz
De nuestra entrevista salio para el funeral. RT @balza34: @ArmandoCorrea El presidente esta en tv en el funeral del embajadorArmando Lucas Correa
I don’t know about you, but I expected the President to spend every spare moment dealing with the brewing tensions overseas and to have an appropriate level of decorum during a crisis, especially on the day he stood next to the coffins of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 members of his staff, including 2 Navy SEALs and an Information Officer.

But instead, before heading to the ceremony, he spent his valuable time doing a magazine interview. Notice there is no mention of this interview on the official schedule.  His schedule did reveal that he met with the U.S. Olympic teams and attended a $40,000 per plate fundraiser at a private home in Washington, D.C.. 

President Obama’s Schedule for September 14, 2012EyeOnPolitics
The photo below shows Barack and Michelle Obama during the interview.  The photo was posted at 2:49 p.m., 29 minutes after we saw flag draped coffins being carried by Marines.
La única revista en español en USA q entro a The White House y entrevistó a @ The White House Diplomat Room http://instagr.am/p/PkWYspES69/Armando Lucas Correa
Meanwhile, we lost more American lives, embassies and consulates were under attack, an American school was trashed and burned, and the American Flag was replaced with the Black Flag of Islam at our Tunisian Embassy. 
BREAKING: Hundreds storm German Embassy in Sudan, burning car and trash cans as police fire tear gasThe Associated Press
Protesters set fire to a KFC and an Arby’s restaurant in Lebanon, one person killed: http://apne.ws/PAgw5H -ABThe Associated Press
BREAKING: Tunisia’s official news agency says 2 dead, 29 injured in U.S. Embassy protest: http://apne.ws/PB5HjWThe Associated Press
UPDATE: Around 40 injured in Tunisia as protesters storm U.S. Embassy, loot American school: http://apne.ws/SlXZqF -SCThe Associated Press
Where was our President while violent acts against America were multiplying in the Middle East?  Now you know.

Is this what you expect of the President of the United States during a crisis?


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