Time to #VetObama

America forgot to pay attention to the background of President Obama when he was elected in 2008, and the result has been devastating. I think it’s time we reminded Americans where his 20 years of spiritual advising came from.

Jeremiah Wright: Obama’s Spiritual Mentor for 20 Years

http://www.redstate.com/2012/09/10/obamas-worship-leader-vetobama/ The mainstream media seems to want to discuss Romney’s Mormon faith. In the interest of fairness, I think we should again review the spiritual mentoring that Barack Obama received for 20 years.

It is not hard to see how we ended up with the most divisive, race-baiting, class warfare breeding President in our history. How can anyone listen to this for that many years and not have their beliefs affected? It’s time to #VetObama.

[Video courtesy of @benhowe]