Pete Hegseth Receives Powerful Endorsement from Governor Rick Perry

The Vikings stadium battle may be over in Minnesota, but the political landscape is just starting to heat up in preparation for Saturday’s State Convention. Today, U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hegseth received quite a boost leading into the convention with a glowing endorsement from former Presidential candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

In a video posted on YouTube, Governor Perry says, “He’s not afraid of a fight. Regardless of whether its popular or expedient, Pete Hegseth fights for what’s right and does so with conviction.” He goes on to commend Pete’s beliefs in smaller government, lower taxes, free enterprise and the U.S. Constitution.

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I completely agree with Governor Perry when he says, “Our country’s in trouble, and we need leaders who will stand up and fight back. Pete’s a leader who will fight and win.”

In addition to the powerful endorsement from Governor Perry, Pete has also been endorsed by many others including U.S Rep. Tom Rooney (FL), former MNGOP chair Ron Eibensteiner, and Minnesota legislators Rep. Kurt Daudt and Sen. Dave Brown, to name a few.

It is clear that there is one candidate that stands above the rest in this endorsement battle, not only in his convictions and beliefs, but in his ability to raise the funds needed to take on Amy Klobuchar in November. Not only do we need a strong conservative candidate like Pete, but we also need one that has the energy, charisma, and financial backing to win.  That candidate is Pete Hegseth, and I’m proud to support him.

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