VIDEO: Palin Takes on Obama, Energizes CPAC Crowd

There were high expectations for Sarah Palin’s closing speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and she did not disappoint her audience! Taking on a tone of “we’ve had enough Mr. President,” she drove the CPAC crowds to the longest standing ovations of the conference and garnered a lot of nodding heads and shouts of agreement.

Palin spoke for nearly 40 minutes, delivering some great lines and rallying conservatives to a united goal in defeating Barack Obama this November. This speech is definitely worth your time!

[youtube_sc url=”qQ6sXNSgQtY”]


My favorite quote from the speech?

“We aren’t red Americans, we’re not blue Americans, we’re red, white and blue; and, President Obama, we are through with you!”

That about sums it up!